Our Story

It All Started in 2015…

Nurbek and Darryl became long-time friends after joint collaborations when Nurbek worked as a Director at Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets team while Darryl was a CEO of Deloitte Central Asia.

During one of the coffee meetings, they decided to set up a financial advisory firm with a goal to help private sector clients successfully raise capital, restructure difficult situations and to leverage all political and business network to deliver better results for clients.

Fast forward to 2018, WhiteHill has become a recognized mid-market investment banking and financial advisory firm focusing on Central Asia, namely Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia.

As an independent investment bank specialized in emerging markets, we serve corporations, international financial institutions (“IFI”) and governments both central and local.


FOUNDED BY: Nurbek Rayev & Darryl Hadaway

LOCATIONS: Astana, Moscow, Frankfurt & London

CLIENT LOCATIONS: Central Asia & Russia

IN A NUTSHELL: We are a mid-market investment bank delivering best valuations and raising capital for our clients. We focus on infrastructure, manufacturing, agriculture and service sectors.

Real People. Solid Backgrounds. Great Experience. Tangible Results.

what truly sets us apart

Why We’re Different

The Backgrounds: We are different solely for the reason that the founding of WhiteHill did not come from those with consulting or banking backgrounds. We came from the investments and operations realm.

What does that mean? We are rooted in numbers and results. We do not produce tons of paperwork that’s then used for shelf and dust.

We produce dynamic financial models and investment memos that reflect the situation in real time today to achieve the highest valuation possible for our clients.

Why? Because we make business decisions solely on our belief that we are here to help clients grow at a value that is fair to both parties.

Fees: Our fees are aligned with our clients, most of our fees we make only on successful deal closure. We are always chasing a better experience for our team here and clients we work with. We believe in educating our potential clients and having them make informed decisions.

Investors: Everything we do, we always coordinate with investors in each particular industry to ensure that the deal is funded.

ROE: Whether or not a client chooses to go with us, we will still sit with them and run the ROE and financial viability of their project. What clients don’t often understand is that their deal can be executed at many different levels (aka price points). But at each level down there are trade-offs.


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