WhiteHill has a successful track record helping governments by acting as members of Expert Committees and Councils that advise on major issues related to policy making, financing and restructuring. We participate as an impartial advisor expressing and sharing our views and opinions, avoiding potential situations of a conflict of interest.

WhiteHill Partners took an active role in developing Private Partnership Projects (PPP) undertaking different roles on both sides of the table: preparing PPP projects on behalf of national governments and bidding for PPP tenders.

Public Private Partnership projects 

We help raise funding both debt and equity, transaction advisory to efficiently close deals, restructure existing financial arrangements.


We help domestic and international investors identify the most valuable and perspective assets announced for privatization and carry on valuation and transaction-related processes and documentation preparing  successful bids.

Strategic Committee / Council 

We take an independent and impartial stance when taking part in Government led Councils or Committees on strategic issues both at central and regional levels. WhiteHill provides an objective and factual opinion on the discussion matters.

Advice to state-owned companies 

We provide regular consultations to state-owned companies by providing guidance into specific sectors or investment / financing solutions for government-led initiatives.

We arrange sustainable public private partnership structures that are acceptable for investors and benefit to citizens.

Andrew MacCallum, Director at WhiteHill

Selected transactions

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