WhiteHill advises debtors and creditors in financial restructuring of over-leveraged and under-performing companies, including out-of-court and in-court reorganizations and asset sales. Working closely with leading professionals (accountants, lawyers, tax) WhiteHill can ensure appropriate measures to be undertaken in a timely manner that diminish risks of losses for our clients.

WhiteHill team is based in Singapore, London, Frankfurt, Moscow and Astana that ensures proximity to both clients and investor community thus allows us leverage local knowledge and experience to provide high quality advisory work in major restructuring cases in emerging markets.

Restructuring Existing Debt or Equity

WhiteHill undertakes a realist assessment of the distressed situation and offers a range of options for debt and equity restructuring, including reacapitalisations, debt to equity swaps and a wide range of other solutions.

Asset sale process

We identify non-core or underperforming assets and organize an efficient asset sales process through an open tendering procedure. WhiteHill’s ensures maximization of the asset value on sale and encourages a competitive bidding environment.

Committee and Board Representation 

WhiteHill’s independent advice to the board focuses on the achieving sustainable capital structure that benefits shareholders. If the situation requires, WhiteHill steps up to operational management to efficiently resolve key obstacles.

The key to successful financial restructuring is to help client recognize reality and structure the deal accordingly.

Andrew MacCallum, Director at WhiteHill

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